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As PAMTUR, we aim to offer our passengers high comfort and security together in Denizli Cardak Airport transfer services. In all airport transfer services, we pick you up from the point you want with our latest model vehicles and deliver you to your desired destination with comfort and safety.

Enjoy the privilege of traveling without any additional cost for corporations or individual passengers, without thinking about taxi, bus, parking fees, and without the need to plan how to get to their destinations.

With our specially equipped vehicles, you can easily continue to manage your business after you land at Çardak Airport. Our expert captains will pick you up from Denizli Çardak Airport with our vehicles and transfer you to your desired destination. In addition, your transfer to Çardak Airport from any point is also carried out by PAMTUR. Remember, we are as close as a phone call: 0542 421 28 64

The distance between Denizli center and Çardak Airport is approximately 50 km. Denizli city center can be reached in approximately 40 minutes. Transfers between Denizli city center and Çardak Airport are provided by double state road. You can pass through points such as Bozkurt, Kaklık, Kocabaş, Pınarkent on the road route.


In accordance with the “Protocol on the Use of Military Fields for Civil Aviation Services” signed between Denizli Çardak Airport General Directorate of DHMI and the Air Force, passenger service was first started in a prefabricated building of 250 m2 in 1991, but due to the insufficient terminal area, another one was started on October 26, 1998. The service continued in the prefabricated terminal building of 2000 m2, which was transferred from an airport.

However, over the years, Denizli continued its development in both textile and marble fields and opened up to foreign countries. In this context, it was thought that the existing terminal building would be insufficient with the opening of Denizli Çardak Airport to international traffic, and the new terminal building with a capacity of 2,200,000 passengers/year was laid in 2001 and opened to air traffic on April 23, 2008.

Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, the most important industrial center of Denizli, is 15 km from the city center and 40 km from Çardak Airport. There are quality hotels in Denizli city center that offer many accommodation opportunities. You can find the hotels located in Denizli city center from here.

As PAMTUR, our goal is to provide permanent solutions with continuity in all your Denizli-based transfer services. You can reach our memories of our distinguished guests who have chosen us before on our references page.

7/24 Safe, Comfortable PAMTUR for the passenger

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